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IHP Programs

Other programs include:

  • Women’s Leadership Development
  • Global Health and Society
  • Community Health Interfaith Partnership (CHIP)

IHP Training ServicesServices Provided by IHP:
Focused on our abiding interest in building a movement for faith and public health, IHP staff offer the following services:

  • Serve as consultants with educational institutions, social service agencies, foundations, denominations, and faith groups
  • Convene meetings and conferences, tapping our database of a broad interfaith spectrum of leaders and organizations which are the backbone of faith and health work
  • Conduct training workshops and seminars on various faith and health topics, including:
  • Inter-religious literacy
  • Alignment of assets to address health disparities
  • Religion and adolescent sexual health
  • Leadership development for faith and health
  • Present lectures and participate in forums
  • Write reports, articles, and books for publication
  • Facilitate networking and referrals
To discuss IHP providing any of these services for your organization, contact Mimi Kiser at 404.727.5199 or